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Why your company should be Impact Sourcing

Ready to help communities in need while helping your bottom line? Impact sourcing offers employment opportunities to marginalized populations, connecting you with an untapped market of fresh talent at competitive prices. The strategy of impact sourcing not only helps your company reduce costs but also allows you to be a part of making positive social change. If you’re ready to start saving, it is time for your company to get serious about impact sourcing. SupportU Solutions is here to help you make a difference.

What Is Impact Sourcing?

A socially responsible effort, impact sourcing enables your company to create lasting change. This initiative makes a significant impact on marginalized communities, as many of these workers are typically excluded from a portion of the job market. Members of disenfranchised groups face challenges with breaking into the workforce, as they often have difficulty accessing formal training and quality education. By providing opportunities to often overlooked populations, your company can help enhance economic growth in these communities.

The business model of impact sourcing targets marginalized populations by providing a platform designed to help these communities achieve success. A key component of this initiative is to hire employees that will receive job training which enables these individuals to access higher-paying employment in the future. By building a platform that focuses on the development of skills for disadvantaged populations, impact sourcing has a substantial economic influence both locally and globally. By creating new employment opportunities, impact sourcing enhances economic growth through the reduction of inequality for marginalized communities.

Impact sourcing is a business practice that involves outsourcing work to historically marginalized and disadvantaged populations. The aim of impact sourcing is to empower underprivileged communities while receiving quality work at a competitive price. By choosing to employ disenfranchised groups through impact sourcing, your company is part of the solution by utilizing impactful business initiatives that promote social and economic sustainability.

Why Use Impact Sourcing?

Impact sourcing is a business strategy that aims to provide employment opportunities to underserved individuals in developing countries. This practice benefits both your business and society. Not only will you take part in helping grow economic opportunities for marginalized communities, but you will also help your business grow your bottom line. If you are concerned about long-term cost savings, the low attrition rates amongst impact workers means you save on recruitment resources.  There are many advantages for your business to choose impact sourcing including helping you meet diversity initiatives, introducing you to a new workforce, and increasing your bottom line.

According to Harvard Business Review 60% of companies have reported the implementation of Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion initiatives. Through these DE&I initiatives, companies have pledged to embody these values. If your company is looking to achieve diversity objectives, impact sourcing has proven successful in helping companies reach the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. DE&I initiatives aim to create an inclusive work environment, and impact sourcing aims to create business opportunities for marginalized communities. As these initiatives become crucial business strategies for modern companies, impact sourcing can help you build a more inclusive and diverse workforce. By creating a socially responsible image for your company through impact sourcing, consumers and investors will have an increasing interest in your efforts for global change.

Let’s introduce you to a new workforce! Impact sourcing workers come from disenfranchised backgrounds in developing countries who are unfortunately often not included in modern job markets. These marginalized individuals face barriers to completing a formal education, barring them from accessing professional training. Through impact sourcing, these underrepresented communities are able to achieve proper training. These communities are historically overlooked, meaning there is a whole pool of new talent that is currently untapped. For many of these workers, this is their first professional employment in a relevant job market. This results in hard-working employees who are loyal to your business and committed to helping your company grow and achieve your goals. You’ll have a workforce filled with new talent at your hand that is dedicated to high performance and meeting KPIs.

How would you like to increase your company’s bottom line? By employing the business strategy of impact sourcing, you are getting access to the most competitive pricing the market has to offer. Not only will you be helping contribute to the economic growth of underprivileged communities, you will also be enjoying the benefits of cost-efficient employees while significantly lowering labor costs. By hiring impact sourcing employees, you’ll be investing in the growth of skills and capabilities for these individuals. Through this initiative, you are creating loyal employees that have a lower attrition rate compared to employees not found through impact sourcing. Say hello to savings on recruitment efforts and new hire training. Impact sourcing employees are some of the hardest workers the market has to offer, at some of the lowest costs.

Is your company ready to start benefiting from impact sourcing? This socially responsible initiative is guaranteed to increase your public image while helping your business reap some serious savings. By choosing to implement an impact sourcing initiative, your business will have a direct economic impact on underprivileged communities. You will have access to a talented untapped pool of workers that help your company reach DE&I initiatives. These hard workers are ready to make an immediate improvement in your business. Your company will benefit from long-term cost savings as you enjoy competitive market pricing. If you’re looking to positively impact marginalized communities while increasing your bottom line, it is time to look into impact sourcing.

If your company is serious about reducing costs and making a positive difference for marginalized communities, Support­­­­­U Solutions is your impact sourcing solution.

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Impact Sourcing is the practice of creating opportunities for those that would not otherwise have it.

Aimed at supporting individuals from marginalised communities globally, the model encourages businesses to engage with individuals who may have limited prospects and help recruit, train and develop them and ultimately provide them with a career, income and a better life.

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