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Under the banner of Talking Sourcing we have become the UK home of Impact Sourcing.

The IAOP Center for Social Impact is a dedicated initiative within the global association, IAOP®, that aims to use outsourcing as a tool for positive social and environmental impact, working to encourage practices that prioritize sustainability, social responsibility, and ethical standards. The Center works with IAOP members (outsourcing buyers, providers and advisors) and other stakeholders to develop best practices, tools, and resources that support socially responsible outsourcing.  The center’s initiatives focus on several key areas, including:

  1. Environmental sustainability: The Center works to promote environmentally sustainable outsourcing practices, such as reducing carbon emissions and waste generation.
  2. Social responsibility: The Center promotes ethical and socially responsible outsourcing practices, such as fair labor practices, diversity, equity and inclusion, and community engagement.
  3. Impact sourcing: The Center is a strong advocate for impact sourcing, a practice that seeks to provide employment opportunities to disadvantaged communities, such as those in developing countries or with limited access to education and training.

By encouraging IAOP members and the industry at-large to adopt socially responsible practices, the IAOP Center for Social Impact is driving positive change that benefits both businesses and society as a whole.



For mentors:

Global Mentorship Initiative prepares underrepresented and refugee students to obtain their first job after graduation. This is accomplished through a 14-week, online mentorship with a business professional, enhanced through the power of AI. In 4 years, GMI has grown from supporting 20 students to over 5,600 in 92 countries, including 8 refugee camps. 76% have a job within six months of graduating. As GMI prepares to welcome 5,000 new students in the first months of 2024, please consider becoming a GMI mentor:

GMI provides all the materials needed for a great mentorship with limited prep time. In just 14 one-hour sessions, you can change the life of a young professional as they graduate to their first career job. GMI mentors must be 25 years or older and provide proof of a background check.

For companies:

After co-founding the Global Impact Sourcing Coalition, Jon Browning founded Global Mentorship Initiative, a US-based global nonprofit committed to connecting graduating college students from underrepresented communities with careers through a structured, short-term, online mentorship. In 4 years, the program has scaled from supporting 20 students to over 5,600 in 92 countries. An IAOP Strategic Partner, GMI is based on the understanding that sustainable solutions must benefit everyone. By completing a the GMI mentorship curriculum, graduates prove that they can work autonomously in a global environment, communicate effectively, and are ready to excel. Supporting companies in hiring GMI graduates brings us closer to our mission of connecting the next generation with good jobs.

Contact GMI to learn more about their partnership model, and how they’re supporting BPO partners in engaging their workforce globally as mentors, sponsoring students in key growth markets, and connecting with diverse talent.

Point of Contact: GMI Director of Strategic Partnerships Ravenna Hennane






About Televerde

Televerde is the preferred sales, marketing, and customer experience solutions partner that delivers revenue as a service and customer care expertise with a human touch, best-in-class technology, and an operating model that is resilient to shifting market conditions. The company partners with many of the world’s leading B2B companies including SAP, GE, Adobe-Marketo, and Securus Technologies. Since Televerde began in 1995, it has generated more than $12B in revenue for clients. A purpose-built company, Televerde believes in second-chance employment and strives to help disempowered people find their voice and reach their human potential. Eight of the company’s 10 contact centers are staffed by incarcerated women, representing 70 percent of its 600+ global workforce. The success of the Televerde model was documented in a recent study by the Arizona State University Seidman Research Institute. The results reveal that Televerde’s program participants attain employment, earnings, and education at higher rates and re-offend at significantly lower rates than other formerly incarcerated females in the United States. Learn more at


About Televerde Foundation

Televerde Foundation’s mission is to provide currently and formerly incarcerated women with the personal and professional development programs necessary to join and advance in the global workforce successfully. The non-profit organization seeks to enable women to break the cycle of poverty and recidivism by becoming financially independent, positive role models for their children and families, thereby changing the lives of future generations and building stronger communities. Learn more at


Shadow Careers is a unique and innovative job creation initiative through impact sourcing founded by like-hearted people in response to the high youth unemployment in South Africa.

With our extensive GBS experience and network serving as a foundation, the Shadow Careers initiative was designed to assist excluded youth in gaining access to permanent employment within the contact centre industry by equipping them with the necessary personal and professional skills.

In order to assist in creating sustainability for the GBS sector in South Africa, this impact sourcing initiative was created from the outset with the vision of having a national footprint. As a result of Shadow’s resounding success, 13 BPO employment partner organisations across the Western Cape and KwaZulu Natal are now partners.

What makes us unique is that we only recruit the number of students for whom we have permanent employment opportunities after they graduate from our 12-week role-specific training programme.

With career creation centres in Mitchells Plain, Cape Town, and Durban in KwaZulu-Natal, Shadow Careers is a national job creation initiative. Shadow is breaking barriers by providing easy access to learning opportunities in marginalised and excluded communities for youth with no work experience or previous employment. Students are provided with a supportive environment where they can develop their skills and build a sense of resilience as they prepare for their first jobs.

Impact sourcing programmes such as Shadow Careers are necessary to increase talent readiness and employability. This helps young people in South Africa to realise their full potential sooner and enables businesses to grow and service their customers with confidence.

A big part of our success is partnering with like-hearted organisations which includes Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator, our industry bodies BPeSA and CapeBPO, and our Global Business Services (GBS) and location partners that share our vision.

The goal is to prepare and support excluded youth for permanent careers, which builds confidence in the initiative and ensures sustainability over time.



Uplifting Youth Through Demand-Led Training… It’s what CareerBox Do.

Educating those willing and eager to learn delivers a long-term solution to Africa’s unemployment crisis. CareerBox are in the business of building careers for the youth, being fully informed that the first step towards gainful employment can lead to a lifetime of opportunities and growth.

A non-profit company, CareerBox identifies and trains candidates from underprivileged townships and places them in entry-level digitally enabled jobs.


Impact Sourcing is the practice of creating opportunities for those that would not otherwise have it.

Aimed at supporting individuals from marginalised communities globally, the model encourages businesses to engage with individuals who may have limited prospects and help recruit, train and develop them and ultimately provide them with a career, income and a better life.

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