ADEC Innovations is focused on making an impact and changing lives for the better – expanding people’s options and horizons, improving the health of the planet, and transforming businesses to be more efficient, sustainable, and resilient. With a mission to advance sustainable business and operational practices around the world, ADEC Innovations transforms information into knowledge and vision into reality. 

Committed to sustainable development and impact sourcing , ADEC Innovations has over 40 years of group experience in professional services, enterprise technology, workforce and impact solutions.  We are a trusted partner that helps bridge the gap between our clients’ capabilities and their goals.

Our workforce solutions are underpinned by impact sourcing practices to provide purpose-driven, cost-effective outsourcing solutions ranging from Global Business Services support to customer care. With delivery centres across six continents, our diverse workforce and hybrid outsourcing solutions help clients free up valuable time and resources to focus on core strengths and strategic activities.

Simply put, ADEC Innovations enables organisations to become more productive and resilient and helps reshape risk into positive impact and value.

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