Impact sourcing has always been a part of Nutun’s vision, strategy and values.

From the inception of The Strive Academy, the training arm of Nutun CX, we looked for ways to bring Impact Sourcing into our recruitment and sourcing strategy and support our commitment to reduce unemployment and create new sources of employment within the GBS sector.

The Strive Academy was started to build our own talent in the BPO industry. Through providing opportunities to first time job seekers, we trained them on workplace readiness and BPO fundamentals grooming them with “employability” skills and then placing them in permanent employment.

During our search to make a difference we met Shadow Careers based in Cape Town, and within 3 months, we had set up two training rooms and had the first group of “shadows” in training in KZN. This partnership not only provided the funding Shadow needed but started a movement of other KZN based BPO’s partnering with Shadow and growing their footprint and the impact they have.

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