On a mission to build up the resilience of global teams, Frame Ex is an engaging and scalable digital platform for employees to learn new coping and performance skills.

Learning and practicing such skills reduces first 90 days attrition, prepares employees to better cope with hurdles along the employee journey, increases rates of first year retention and transition to leadership.

Co-founded by Ishai Aloni, a performance psychologist and Adi Engel, a behavioural design expert, we adapted tools originally designed for athletes on the field of play and during competition, and are therefore simple, short and highly effective.


We reimagined these methods, normally taught on a one-on-one basis by sport psychologists, to make them widely available to employees over a colourful, gamified environment.

We partner with Operations, CFOs and Learning & Development teams to tackle some of the most costly challenges in CX and BPO – building a more resilient and sustainable teams, ensuring the ongoing retention of new hires and trainees and reducing the impact of personal and professional trials they encounter over the course of their journey, from the initial adaptation to a new work environment, to daily managing daily stressors and balancing a challenging work and home lives.

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