Our industry has a significant role to play in bringing digital jobs to economically underserved communities. Since the outset, a key component of the Ascensos location strategy has been to seek out those regional and local economies that are overlooked for consideration by other sectors.

Ascensos Local, a work from home hub model, has been a direct outcome of this vision, as was setting up Ascensos HQ in Motherwell in 2013, and establishing on the Isle of Wight in 2016.

At the same time, flexibility is a key characteristic of 21st century working models, and being able to attract talent from marginalised communities and demographics is critical.

The Ascensos Local strategy therefore was borne out of a determination to address these issues – the flexibility of home working as the new normal for many, the broader recruitment/retention issues of the sector and the supplementing of onsite operations.

As the Ascensos business has expanded from born local, to grown global, we are now focused on the self-same opportunities in South Africa and have partnered with Shadow Careers to deliver on our objectives in Cape Town.

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