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Impact Sourcing special report 2022

Impact Sourcing is something Intelligent Sourcing has always championed. From its early days of adoption in India under the banner of ‘Rural Sourcing’ to its current incredible success in South Africa as ‘Impact Sourcing’ through to its emergence in the UK as CSR/ESR.

Whatever name a company chooses to give then concept, Impact Sourcing is one of the most important topics within our industry and conversations need to keep happening in your organisations.

As recruiters you have the ability to change lives and communities. This is not charity, free labour or a subsidized workforce, but a way in which you can attract highly motivated, loyal and hard working team members from a pool that you may not have considered in the past.

Intelligent Sourcing and Talking Sourcing are the home of the UK Impact Sourcing Chapter with the IAOP covering the US and BPESA covering Africa. This was born out of the Global Impact Sourcing Coalition which represents some of the biggest brands already embracing Impact Sourcing.

The attached report gives some great examples, research and statistics on why you should be considering the model and I hope you enjoy the read. If you want to know more about Impact Sourcing please drop me a note.

Impact Sourcing is the practice of creating opportunities for those that would not otherwise have it.

Aimed at supporting individuals from marginalised communities globally, the model encourages businesses to engage with individuals who may have limited prospects and help recruit, train and develop them and ultimately provide them with a career, income and a better life.

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