Impact Sourcing: Empowering communities, Transforming business and creating long-term impact

With the talent demand-supply gap continuing to persist globally, providers and enterprises are increasingly leaning on alternate talent acquisition channels and models to address their resourcing needs. Impact sourcing has emerged as a strong and effective option in the global services segment and has become a model of choice for many leading service providers globally.

Join this webinar as our impact sourcing experts shed light on the successes and trends developing in the impact sourcing space. Participants will get a view into the ecosystem of impact sourcing, how providers, buyers, industry bodies, governments, and NGOs are undertaking several of their own initiatives, and the results they are seeing.

What questions will the webinar answer for the participants?

  • How is the impact sourcing model continuously evolving the business case?
  • What are service providers doing to enhance the adoption of this model?
  • How are buyers responding to services delivered by impact workers?
  • What are the emerging trends in impact sourcing and what is the outlook?

Who should attend?

  • Impact sourcing providers
  • Talent and DE&I leaders
  • Sustainability leaders
  • Sourcing and procurement leaders
  • CPOs
  • Category managers
  • Supplier management leaders


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